Askham Bryan is within a Conservation Area. Conservation area legislation is one of the strongest

methods available in the planning system to maintain the traditional, special and individual character of a place. As residents we all have a responsibilty to be aware of the additional controls to help maintain the character of Askham Bryan.

To view a map of the conservation area along with the description of Askham Bryan in the York Local Plan CLICK HERE

Below is a brief summary of some of these additional controls. The list is not exhaustive and if in any doubt a planning officer should be contacted for advice. The additional controls do not mean development or changes cannot occur, just that planning permission may need to be sought.

Summary of Minor Changes




Repairs and maintenance

? Repairs – if undertaken in a like-for-like manner,

otherwise see the relevant sections below

? Maintenance


* Raising the ridge/ expanding the size of a roof

* Installing a dormer window

? Renewing or replacing a roof covering

? Installing solar panels – subject to certain conditions

? Installing a roof light – subject to certain conditions

? Replacing guttering/ rainwater goods etc in another style or material


* Cladding – in most cases, unless repairing or renewing an existing surface

* Satellite dishes - on an elevation fronting a highway, on a chimney, and on a building over 15 metres high

* Installing, altering or replacing a chimney, flue soil or vent pipe on a wall or roof on a principal or side elevation fronting a highway

? Alarm boxes, security lights

? Pointing or painting

? Damp proof coursing/ protection

Windows and doors

? Replacing windows or doors in another material or style

? Painting windows or doors

? Secondary glazing

Extensions, ancillary buildings not attached to a house

* Front, side and two storey rear extensions and conservatories

* Detached ancillary buildings, garden sheds/ stores to the side of the dwelling house, or if more than 10 cubic metres in size and more than 20m from the dwelling house – other restrictions apply, please check

* Single storey rear extensions constructed in materials similar appearance to those used on the existing house – subject to other criteria in respect of height and rear projection, please check


* Demolition of walls, fences and railings – if 1 metre or over fronting a highway, or two metres or over elsewhere (requires conservation area consent)

* Construction of walls, fences and railings – if 1 metre or over fronting a highway, or two metres or over to the side or rear of a property

* Railings on walls - if the height of the wall is brought above 1 metre or over fronting a highway, or two metres elsewhere

* Any construction or alteration of a wall or fence surrounding a listed building. Listed building consent may also be required.

Gardens and yards

* Works to trees - in most cases, see sub section on trees. Please read our "Tree Works" document here

* Surfacing and ground works - depending on scale and form of operation. Some conservation areas are also covered by ‘areas of archaeological importance’ where an advance six week notification of ground works needs to be given in writing to the Council

? Garden ornaments/ planting/ maintenance - deep digging in areas of archaeological importance may require a six week notification, see above point